We are makers of modern digital products that combine insight and delight.

At Casulo, our goal is to solve business problems in ways that make sense for clients, embracing all the new opportunities enabled by technology.

Working side-by-side with them, we will look for solutions that meet customer expectations and produce results. Either by a innovative ecommerce platform, a new brand, or even an entire new digital product, we’ll relentlessly come up with work embedded with personality, great aesthetics, and full of heart.

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By pursuing only a small batch of projects every year, we ensure our clients will always have a dedicated team committed to delivering stellar work. 

Whatever we do, we always do it with purpose and insight. Our guiding principle is to build striking and intuitive experiences that are entirely focused on the user benefit. 

Through Design Sprints, we bring concepts quickly to life. This method is based on continual iteration, testing and feedback, allowing to test products quickly and change course if needed, without incurring on high financial and time investments.  

Working side-by-side, we’ll explore your business inside-out, looking closely to your audience, market and objectives. 

Our clients should expect nothing short of clear, accessible language, alongside full transparency and accountability. Why complicate what can be simple?

We think holistically, with design, strategy & UX informing one another. Being through an app, an e-commerce site or a new product, we’ll unleash your business’ potential in exciting ways, enabled by technology and empowered by imagination. 


With a childlike curiosity, we’ll try and find everything there is to know about you, your product and your customers. Expect from us lots of questions but it’ll be worth it.

Sometimes it’s a smooth process, others not so much, but together we’ll explore multiple possibilities in the quest to find the right solution that meets your needs.

It’s time to bring concepts to life and finally give shape to all insights gathered. A great concept without a flawless execution is worthless.

Website Design
App & Mobile Design
Art Direction
WebApps & Products
User Experience

E-Commerce Design
E-Commerce Strategy
Digital Identity
Search Strategy
Product Strategy


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