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that combine insight and delight

Making. It's a powerful sensation

You always wondered that one day you would make the jump.

You would call you crazy because risking a "proper" job for something unknown seemed nuts. Yet, that simple idea that was keeping you awake at night simply didn't want to leave.

What could possibly go wrong? Pretty much everything. But even so, you decided that this time now nothing more would stop you. No more excuses. No more "ifs". The time had finally come. It was now or never.

We are inspired by people like you. The ones who aren't afraid of taking risks. The ones who refuse to listen to the naysayers to pursue their vision. The ones who, against all the odds, turn a simple idea into a real business.

Let's unleash the power of your business with your next online shop.

Our values

We could deceive you into thinking that we're really good in all kinds of challenges, but instead, we choose to focus our attention on e-commerce. Why? Oh, believe us, it is a galaxy in itself.

We are digital retail experts.

Do you know the ones who (supposedly) can do everything but aren't good at anything? That's not us. To get e-commerce right, you need a team that knows this area inside out. How so? Well, we already did this before (and oh boy, e-commerce is hard!)

Small is good. Small is better. And we like it that way.

We only pursue a small batch of projects every year, one at a time. That way you'll have our full dedication to design an e-commerce experience that delights your customers and, above all, meets (and, hopefully, exceeds) your business goals.

The online store is only the starting point.

Experience tells us the hard work only starts once your store goes live. It would be easier for us to leave you on your own after launching it. Instead, you can expect to get us on your side to help you get a store up and running like a well-oiled machine.

Time for Q&A's

You Say

Do I really need your help to launch a store? Why can't I do it myself?

We Say

Oh, glad you've asked. The short answer is yes - there are plenty of solutions that enable to do that in few steps (insert links). Still, there is much more that goes into launching an online operation (oh, business jazz here!). And that's the part where we can make a real difference.

You Say

Maybe you are making this sounding more complicated than what it is in reality?

We Say

That's what we had thought when we did our first store. At the time, the sensation was that we were on a perpetual cycle of unknowns that arrived unannounced daily. We really didn't know how much we didn't know. Now it's time to put that knowledge into your service.

You Say

Can you give me an example of that?

We Say

Are you prepared? Here are some questions that you'll need an answer: which carrier serves your needs best? How to boost time on the online store? How to manage and trigger shop abandonment cart messages? How...

You Say

Ok, you made a point. Still, do you really think that any kind of business can really thrive online, even the ones that aren't so obvious at a first sight?

We Say

Let us put the question this way: our last big project lasted for 1/2 years, and the client reaped the total investment made on the first 3 months of operation, with YOY growth of 125%. And don't even let us start to talk about how much revenue was made during Black Friday.

You Say

But it's still hard for me to see the logic of investing in an online shop when my business is based on a physical location.

We Say

Here's a misconception to be debunked. How often did you see people showing a product on their phones to a sales representative on a physical store? We bet you've seen this movie before. Discovery of products starts mainly online nowadays. Customers do their homework, and in some cases, they like to visit a store before completing the purchase to see or to try-on the product. For that reason, such trade-off simply does not exist because the two environments complement each other / work in concert.

Before you go

Did you know that we've got an online shop too?

(Retail specialists with their own store, so meta!). This is our playground where we like to experiment and take the learnings to later apply to our client projects.

Come up and say hi!
Our doors are open to you.